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NAD+ therapy is an emerging IV therapy. It is a holistic, all-natural solution for those suffering from chronic disease and age-related health issues.

We are pleased to offer a wide range of NAD+ therapy options at InfusaLounge Wellness Spa in Allen, TX.

One of the main benefits of NAD+ IV Anti-Aging is that this can provide you with a greater energy level. The body generates energy in the mitochondria of the cells. The mitochondria need NAD to carry out this process.


With NAD+ therapy, your cells’ mitochondria will have the resources they need to provide your cells with a steady supply of energy.

Delivering NAD to your body via the IV route has the follwing benefits:


  • NAD will get into your bloodstream quickly
  • NAD IV therapy allows you to feel the effects quickly
  • NAD IV does not have to pass through your body’s digestive tract, 100 percent of the NAD that is delivered to you makes it to its final destination

Depression is best treated by focusing on both the emotional and physical aspects of depression. While counseling focuses on the emotional side of the treatment, NAD+ IV therapy for depression focuses on the physical side of depression.


The goal of administering IV NAD+ is to reverse the cellular deterioration that takes place when the body’s stores of NAD+ are depleted.

NAD+ can help improve anxiety by:


  • Reversing mitochondrial damage
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Powering cellular respiration
  • Improving cellular function


NAD+ also promotes the transmission of neurotransmitters in the brain, ensuring that signals between nerves get to the right place

If you are looking for a way to boost your recovery process, the trick might be NAD+.


Some of the improvements that people have noted following an NAD+ infusion include:


  • Improvements in strength
  • Prolonged endurance
  • Better stamina
  • Improved overall athletic performance

There are many benefits of NAD+ treatments for PTSD:


  • NAD+ makes it easier for someone with PTSD to sleep at night
  • Clinical depression can be improved with NAD+ 
  • A healthy supply of NAD+ will help the body’s cells function properly
  • Chronic stress can be treated with NAD+

Some of the main benefits of NAD+ IV Alzheimer’s and Dementia include:


  • There are fewer side effects of NAD+ therapy when compared to prescription medications
  • This is a quick treatment method that delivers NAD+ directly to the body’s cells
  • The benefits of NAD+ IV therapy can be long-term as long as individuals stick with the treatment plan

There are several key benefits of NAD+ IV Therapy For Parkinson’s Disease:


  • Reduced tremors
  • Increased mobility, flexibility, and strength
  • Improved mental clarity, thought processes, and executive functioning
  • Reduced muscle aches and pains
  • A better overall quality of life

In order to help the body’s cells recover, it is important to provide them with the necessary building blocks that power their functions.


This is where an infusion of NAD+ can be helpful.


By flooding the body’s cells with NAD+ through NAD+ IV Therapy For Lyme Disease, the body’s cells will have the ingredients they need to make a full recovery.

Withdrawal symptoms and cravings threaten your sobriety and can cause a relapse if left untreated. NAD+ therapy restores cellular function to reduce withdrawal symptoms so that you can make the right decisions for your full recovery.


While your body goes through detox, you can continue your group and individual therapy. As the NAD+ starts to kick in, you may find that you can think a lot more clearly.

NAD+ is a natural treatment based on building up depleted resources that can improve your brain function and give you more energy. Additionally, it can speed up the detox process while blocking cravings that undermine your recovery.


Suboxone, naltrexone and other drugs used to treat alcohol and opioid addiction contain toxins and present a risk of addiction.

NAD+ has a number of benefits over synthetic treatment options:


  • NAD+ won’t harm the brain with long-term use
  • NAD+ has restorative qualities that heal cells by stimulating regeneration
  • NAD+ protects neurons in the brain


NAD+ IV reduces cravings during opiate and withdrawal.

NAD+ Cream

NAD+ Cream

Strength: 10%

30 mL Metered Dispenser

NAD+ Face Cream formula is compounded with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and irritant-friendly vehicles developed for consistent efficacy. Providers reportedly prescribe NAD+ to treat redness and erythema associated with rosacea and psoriasis, as well as with signs of aging.

NAD+ Nasal Spray

Strength: 300 mg/mL

15 mL Bottle

NAD+ Nasal Spray offers a dosage form that can be self-administered as prescribed for daily supplementation. 


NAD+ is prescribed to help improve certain conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other symptoms related to inflammation or cognitive decline. From a general ‘age-management’ standpoint, NAD+ is reported to improve the overall quality of life, reduce pain, increase energy, and improve cognitive, and emotional health.

NAD+ Nasal Spray

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