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IV therapy designed to maximize wellness, increase performance recovery, and improve health and vitality.

Focused on Wellness

Infusalounge is a wellness spa that focuses on you from the cellular level and up. Therefore we offer a variety of vitamin and hydration infusions to help reverse the daily stresses of life and replenish your body of depleted water, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. IV infusions provide instant delivery most importantly, allowing for maximum benefits and 100% complete absorption. Whether your personal needs are preventative or enhancement, our team in Allen, TX can help you meet your goals.

Our Best Selling IV Hydration Cocktails

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Infusalounge Wellness Spa Diet & Detox IV

Diet & Detox

B Complex -B1/2/3/5/6 + Mineral Blend + Tri-Amino Blend + B12 + Vitamin C + Glutamine + Glutathione IVP 


60 MIN

InfusaLounge Wellness Spa NAD+ IV

NAD+ 500mg

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide + 1,000 mg Lyophilized + B-complex + Bacteriostatic Water


180 MIN

Infusalounge Wellness Spa Immunity Support IV

Immunity Support

High dose Vitamin C + B1/2/3/5/6 + Zinc + Glutathione IVP


60 MIN

Infusalounge Wellness Spa Brain & Mood Health IV

Brain & Mood Health

B6 / B12 + NAC + Alpha Lipoic Acid


60 MIN

InfusaLounge Wellness Spa Recharge with us

Refresh with our IV Drip

En-liven your body from the cellular level and up.  At InfusaLounge, we provide high quality IV vitamin infusions. IV infusions deliver vitamins directly into the blood stream bypassing the digestive system and allowing for maximum benefits and  100% absorption into the blood stream. Sometimes daily vitamins and supplements taken orally are lost in the digestion process, as the body only absorbs 20-35% of their nutrients.

Unwind with our IV Therapy

Enhance your life with our vitamin and hydration infusions equipped to unravel the stresses of life. More often than not your body is dehydrated and malnourished because of poor eating habits, high stress levels and lack of sleep and exercise. Mild dehydration can cause one’s metabolism to slow down as much as 30% as a result. Thus, we are focused on delivering to you the most enjoyable experience in a relaxing and calm environment.

Infusalounge Wellness Spa Rehydrate

Restore in our IV Lounge

Our infusions, most importantly, are prepared aseptically to maintain patient safety and satisfaction. As a result, some benefits you will experience after choosing InfusaLounge include hydration, decreased stress and anxiety, increased energy levels, heightened mental focus, a boost in immunity, improved sleep, and MORE! Combining these services with Aroma-therapy Oxygen can aid to OPTIMAL results!

Did you know...

Alleviate Vitamin D deficiency and help prevent Covid symptoms. Signs that you could be “D”-ficient may also include hypertension, depression, fatigue, dry skin, back pain, muscle pain, and hair loss. Our Vitamin D3 injections can be administered every 30 days. Improve your body from the cells — and up!

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InfusaLounge Wellness Spa Vitamin D-ficient

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