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Infusalounge is a wellness spa that focuses on you from the cellular level and up. Therefore, we offer a variety of IV vitamin infusions to help reverse the daily stresses of life and replenish your body of depleted water, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Focused on Wellness

IV vitamins provide instant delivery most importantly, allowing for maximum benefits and 100% complete absorption. Whether your personal needs are preventative or enhancement, our team in Allen, TX can help you meet your goals.

How long does the process take?

The IV vitamin infusion process consequently can take anywhere from 25 minutes to 1 hour depending on the size of the bag chosen and the level of dehydration and vein size. However, this time excludes a quick medical screening and exam performed by our medical staff as well as any forms for first time visitors. Occasionally, there are situations where smaller gauged IV catheters must be used, which can prolong the infusion process.

What should I expect at my IV therapy session?

First, your vital signs are obtained by checking your blood pressure, pulse and temperature. Then, we start an IV using a tiny needle and numbing spray so the process is virtually painless. Your IV vitamin combination, moreover, is prepared and set at the right drip rate. After the vitamins have infused, we remove the IV and apply a band-aid. Your body puts these vital nutrients to work while improving your wellness from the inside out. So, sit back and relax.

How does IV infusion therapy work?

IV infusion therapy is delivered intravenously, meaning the vitamin therapy is delivered directly into the bloodstream. This is beneficial because it bypasses the digestive system. With oral vitamin ingestion, vitamins can lose up to 35-50% of their efficacy. With IV vitamin administration our bodies receive almost 100% of the vitamins. Therefore, IV method is a quicker way to recover and replenish your body!

Is IV infusion therapy safe?

Yes, IV infusion therapy is safe and has been approved by the FDA. In addition, our infusions here at InfusaLounge are administered by Registered Nurses as well as certified Paramedics under the direction of a Board-Certified Medical Physician.

How do I know which IV infusion is right for me?

Our staff is absolutely here to help! Prior to receiving an infusion, a basic assessment will be performed by one of our Registered Nurses or Paramedics to ensure the right vitamins are administered to you most importantly.

What if I'm interested in a private party booking?

For private party booking, please contact us at least 1 week in advance. As a result we can make sure you are provided with the best experience.

Why should I choose IV hydration over oral hydration?

We at InfusaLounge are firm believers that hydration via oral intake is undoubtedly vital. Our services are meant to help supplement your recovery process. They are absolutely not meant to replace oral hydration. IV hydration allows for maximum benefits with 100% complete absorption. A quicker way to help your body recover, so you can get on your way!

Are there any risks to receiving IV infusions?

As with any invasive procedure there are always risks. Our staff is trained to provide IV services in a way that minimizes the risk of infection to the IV site. All of our staff are either Registered Nurses or certified Paramedics. We provide our customers with the knowledge on how to treat the IV site post infusion, and it is up to the customer to follow these instructions. We are not responsible for infections or any medical issues that may arise from using our services. A release form is filled out prior to an IV, as to avoid any possible complications. Our staff works hard to put YOUR safety and wellness first.