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MIC Lipo: No Gut, All Glory

A lipotropic injection involves the administering of a mixture of compounds that stimulate the body to burn fat. These chemicals include nutrients such as vitamins, choline and inositol that are known for their ability to burn fat deposits and to distribute this energy throughout the body. What they do is help the liver process fat cells that have already been broken down by the body, they do not break down fat cells themselves. To supplement diet and exercise, MIC lipotropic injections can be quite effective at stimulating the body to use up these fat deposits.


burn fat, promote red blood production, more energy, increase metabolism

InfusaLounge Offers two MIC-Lipo Options

Great for burning fat

Lipo–Plus 30ML MDV

Ingredients: Inositol 25mg, Choline 25mg, Methionine 12.4mg, Thiamine B1 50mg, Riboflavin B2 5mg, Pyridoxine B6 2mg, L-Carnitine 125mg

Recommended Dosage: 1 – 2 times weekly

Great for burning fat & increasing energy

Lipo-Plus with Methyl B12

Ingredients: Combines a 30ml vial of Lipo-Plus and a 10ml vial of Methylcobalmin B12 5mg/ml

Recommended Dosage: 1 – 2 times weekly

InfusaLounge Wellness Spa MIC Lipo Benefits

Getting Started

Interestingly, the components of a MIC injection, especially inositol and choline, have been found to improve mental function, improve feelings of depression. Are you interested in MIC Lipo injections? Make an appointment today!

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