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circadia oxygen rx facial at InfusaLounge Wellness Spa

The Ultimate Guide to Circadia Oxygen RX Facial: Benefits and Results | InfusaLounge Wellness Spa

The Ultimate Guide to Circadia Oxygen RX Facial: Benefits and Results

Unmask the secret of healthy, vibrant and youthful skin at InfusaLounge Wellness Spa with a Circadia Oxygen RX Facial—a revolutionary skincare treatment that is making waves in the realm of beauty. Often hailed as a ‘miracle in a bottle,’ Oxygen RX is your ticket to revitalized skin texture, even tone, and reduced signs of aging. But what really sets it apart from other treatments? And what remarkable results can you expect? Step into our ultimate guide as we unpack the numerous benefits of this groundbreaking facial treatment and delve deeper into its proven results. Trust us, by the end of this post, getting an Oxygen RX Facial will be on top of your wishlist.

The Circadia Oxygen RX Facial at InfusaLounge Wellness Spa is a sought-after treatment that harnesses the power of controlled oxygen to provide numerous skin benefits. This nourishing facial is suitable for all skin types and can help improve the appearance of acne, rosacea, and telangiectasia. The oxygen generated during the treatment has germicidal action against P. acnes bacteria, contributes to exfoliation, and brightens the skin. Additionally, this facial enhances nutrient transport to the skin, promoting overall skin health.

circadia oxygen rx facial at InfusaLounge Wellness Spa

Unveiling the Circadia Oxygen RX Facial

The Circadia Oxygen RX Facial is a facial treatment touted for its skin revitalizing abilities. This treatment generates a controlled amount of oxygen to brighten the skin, replacing the red and ruddy look that can be associated with acne, rosacea, and telangiectasia. It also exfoliates the skin, decreases the appearance of lines and wrinkles, reduces pigmentation damage, with long-lasting results even after the initial session. The Oxygen RX Facial is suitable for all skin types and has germicidal action (kills bacteria), making it an effective way to combat common skin issues.

Let’s say you’re getting ready for this year’s company dinner party, but you can’t seem to cover your acne scars no matter how much makeup you put on. The solution: A few sessions of Oxygen RX Facials. It’ll create brighter skin with less-visible scars and pimples.

Now that we know what the Circadia Oxygen RX Facial is let’s explore what science underpins this revolutionary treatment.

  • In a study done by Circadia, it was found that the Oxygen RX Facial could significantly lighten and brighten the skin owing to the oxidation process of oxygen generated during the treatment.
  • An Independent survey indicates that the treatment surprisingly has germicidal action, which effectively kills P. acnes bacteria associated with acne, resulting in improved skin tone and reduced inflammation in around 70% of subjects after a series of treatments.
  • The treatment also helps break protein bonds that hold corneocytes together, resulting in an exfoliation rate of about 80%, thereby replacing the ruddy-look associated with several skin conditions and revealing brighter skin underneath.

Science Underpinning the Circadia Oxygen RX Facial

It’s a known fact that oxygen plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy body function. So how does the Oxygen Rx facial work?

The controlled oxygen generated during this treatment has significant germicidal action – meaning it kills P. acnes bacteria – which applies henceforth to other germs as well. Thanks to protein bonds present in corneocytes – outermost layers of cells – these are naturally protected against exfoliation, resulting in dullness or dead skin patches if not taken care of correctly. However, with continued exposure to oxygen in this facial, the oxidation process breaks down these protein bonds rapidly accelerating exfoliation while reducing inflammation further.

Additionally, undergoing multiple treatments stimulates new cell growth as fibroblasts (the cells responsible for tissue growth) actively produce collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. The result is reduced fine lines, wrinkles, and a firmer complexion. The combination of germicidal oxidation and new cell growth helps to improve overall skin health and appearance.

To put it in the context of gardening – oxygen fuels the growth of healthy plants (new cells) while simultaneously fighting off harmful fungi and germs.

BenefitHow Oxygen Facials Help
BrighteningIncreases oxygen levels leading to brighter and more transparent skin
Decreased InflammationReduces redness and swelling in the skin
Acne reductionKills P.acnes bacteria
ExfoliationAccelerates the natural exfoliation process
Reduced Fine LinesStimulates collagen production leading to firmer, youthful looking skin.

Oxygen’s Role in Skin Revitalization

Oxygen is a catalyst for skin revitalization, and it plays an integral role in the Circadia Oxygen RX Facial treatment. When oxygen is introduced to the skin, it triggers the formation of new cells, increases collagen production, and helps the dermis to receive nutrients more efficiently.

Think of it like providing your skin with a breath of fresh air – it brings new life to dull, tired-looking skin by energizing it from within. In addition to this, the germicidal action of oxygen helps eliminate bacteria that can cause acne. It also breaks down protein bonds that hold dead cells together, resulting in gentle exfoliation that unclogs pores and removes impurities.

Nourishing Impact of Dermal Layering

The Circadia Oxygen RX Facial incorporates a unique approach referred to as “layering,” which involves combining various skincare products with different active ingredients to nourish and enhance the look and feel of your skin. The targeted use of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients works synergistically to provide maximum benefits while ensuring sensitive skin isn’t irritated.

The layering process commences with prepping your skin for the influx of active ingredients through cleansing and toning. Once done, specialist enzyme masks – tailor-made based on a client’s specific needs – are applied to dissolve excess keratin that causes congestion, inflammation and poor circulation.

Following this comes an infusion of active serums rich in vitamins A, C, E, and K that help renew and brighten the complexion. A customized oxygen serum unique to Circadia containing hyaluronic acid and botanical extracts is applied next that plumps up the skin by infusing it with moisture. The final step includes a sunscreen to protect your now healthy-looking skin.

This combined approach delivers a nutritious punch to your skin much like how a well-rounded smoothie does for your body, ensuring you’re maximizing nutrients that will help you achieve overall skin health.

Navigating the Circadia Oxygen RX Facial Treatment

Navigating any cosmetic or facial treatment procedure can be daunting, but the Circadia Oxygen RX Facial at InfusaLounge is a safe and effective treatment that’s easy to navigate. The treatment works by using a controlled amount of oxygen to rejuvenate the skin and improve overall health. It also has germicidal action, which kills P. acnes bacteria that cause acne and breaks protein bonds that hold corneocytes together, resulting in exfoliation.

The process begins by consulting with a licensed esthetician who will evaluate your skin type, determine if you’re an ideal candidate for the procedure, then customize a unique treatment for you based on your individual skin care needs.

The actual procedure sequence may vary from one esthetician to another due to differing preferences and techniques. Nonetheless, there are crucial steps involved of the procedure.

Preparation Prior to Treatment

Before undergoing the Circadia Oxygen RX Facial, it’s important to prepare adequately. This includes avoiding exposure to direct sunlight and tanning beds at least one week before your facial appointment. It’s also essential to discuss any extenuating health factors with your esthetician if you experience any allergies or sensitivities that could potentially interfere with the treatment.

During this preparation period, it’s advisable to maintain proper hydration levels by drinking lots of water leading up until the day of your appointment. Staying hydrated will help replenish lost moisture during the exfoliation process while also helping transport nutrients across your skin barrier.

Additionally, avoid additional skincare treatments such as chemical peels or microdermabrasion within two weeks prior to your appointment date as these procedures have their own unique aftercare procedures that could potentially interfere with Oxygen RX Facial’s results.

Think of preparing for a marathon; you want to ensure adequate rest and stay hydrated leading up until race day.

With preparation steps underway, let’s explore what this procedure step by step.

Crucial Steps of the Procedure

The Circadia Oxygen RX Facial treatment is a multi-step process, with each stage being crucial for attaining optimal results. The treatment consists of specialized products that work together to provide an innovative approach to nourishing and repairing the skin.

One key step in the Circadia Oxygen RX Facial is the application of an enzymatic facial peel. This step helps break down any impurities or dirt on the epidermis surface, allowing deeper penetration of oxygen molecules.

Another critical part of the process involves utilizing germicidal action to kill acne-causing bacteria, breaking protein bonds holding corneocytes, oxidizing and bleaching the skin, reducing the appearance of rosacea and telangiectasia while increasing nutrient uptake by the cells.

During treatment, your skincare technician will carefully tailor each phase to your individual needs. They may target particular areas or focus on hyperpigmentation issues specific to you. However, unlocking mitochondrial energy transport with oxygen supplementation forms a fundamental element throughout every stage.

Post-Treatment Care and Anticipated Results

Post-treatment care is as crucial as pre-treatment preparation for ensuring maximum results from your Circadia Oxygen RX Facial session. Aftercare should include steps that promote relaxation and repair while hydrating and maintaining oxygen levels in the skin.

It’s essential to avoid direct sun exposure for up to three days after this treatment since the skin can become hyper-sensitive after undergoing such rejuvenation. Using sun-protective creams such as zinc oxide-based formulas is highly advised.

Anticipated results from a Circadia Oxygen RX Facial include a brighter complexion with reduced rosacea, acne scarring and broken capillaries resulting in flawless radiant skin.

Overall, recovery time tends to be minimal, with most patients being able to resume their daily activities immediately after treatment. With regular sessions and following recommended maintenance protocols, this facial is an effective component to any skincare routine, boasting long-term benefits in skin cell rejuvenation that ultimately improves complexion over time.

Maintenance Following the Treatment

After experiencing the rejuvenating effects of the Circadia Oxygen RX facial treatment, it’s essential to maintain the skin’s condition with an appropriate skincare regime. You’ll find that your skin feels incredibly smooth and looks refreshed post-treatment. The specialized products used might also leave a slight tingling sensation for a while after application.

The facial provides extreme nourishment and beneficial effects that can be retained with consistent maintenance through homecare regimes. The professional protocol should be followed, and supplementary oxygen products applied at least twice a week to prolong the results’ longevity.

The practitioners at Infusa Lounge recommend regular facial treatments every three months to maintain healthy skin function, improve radiance, nourish skin cells, and promote a more youthful appearance.

Expected Results and Duration

The brightening effect from this Oxygen treatment can last up to ten days or more, depending on lifestyle factors like sun exposure or use of makeup products that may clog skin pores.

Think of it like teeth – you wouldn’t expect whitening results to last long without proper oral hygiene maintenance. Similarly, for maintaining the brighter-looking complexion following the Oxygen RX treatment – good post-treatment care is crucial.

The germicidal action of this treatment kills P. acnes and reduces rosacea; however, significant improvement in these conditions takes several sessions over time. Individual results may vary based on skin type, and one treatment may not solve all cases solely.

Suppose you have acne-prone skin or redness caused by rosacea. In that case, the Circadia Oxygen RX facial will noticeably reduce inflammation in just one session. However, four to five in-salon sessions may be recommended for optimal reduction in acne and improvement in rosacea or telangiectasia (visible blood vessels).

While individual results will vary from person-to-person based on different criteria covered above, the Oxygen RX facial is an excellent treatment that garners significant and noticeable results.

Any questions? Just reach out to our friendly staff at InfusaLounge, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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