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IV Vitamin Infusion to Lighten Skin in Allen, TX

Brighten and radiate with healthy glowing skin

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Skin Lightening Blend

Glutathione + Vitamin C



60 min



60 min

Skin color is determined by the production of melanin, which is produced by melanocytes in the bottom layer of the epidermis. Increased melanin in the body means the darker the skin will be. Glutathione inhibits the melanin production therefore reduces the concentration of pigmentation. As a result, it lightens and evens the skin tone.

Glutathione used in combination with a Vitamin C IV is an even more potent formulation that will slow the rate of free radicals or unstable molecules that damage collagen and cause skin dryness, fine lines and wrinkles. This powerful combination, deposits evenly throughout the body when given via IV, to eat up the oxidative damaged cells (which cause skin to darken) and lighten the skin naturally, safely and evenly.

Glutathione is one of the most abundant antioxidants in your body. It increases energy levels, improves fatigue, and reduces the risk of inflammatory diseases. Furthermore, it is a powerful detoxifier that eliminates numerous harmful chemicals as well as heavy metals, enhances immune and cellular health to fight hard against infections, and reverse some aspects of aging skin.

Vitamin C aids in growth, development and repair of all body tissues, formation of collagen, absorption of iron, proper functioning of our immune system, wound healing and maintenance of cartilage, bones and teeth.

At InfusaLounge Wellness Spa, our Skin Lightening Blend IV drip is a special blend of glutathione and Vitamin C. These two potent ingredients work together to reduce the concentration of pigmentation, all the while, improving your complexion. They provide the perfect combination to prepare your skin to lighten, glow and radiate.

Skin Lightening Blend Benefits

  • Skin color is determined by the production of melanin produced by melanocytes in the bottom layer of the epidermis. Glutathione inhibits melanin production, therefore reducing the concentration of pigmentation. 

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