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NAD+ IV Vitamin Infusion Treatments in Allen, TX

Prominent applications of NAD+ IV therapy treatments

If you are looking to take a well-rounded approach to your healthcare, then you should think about investing in NAD+ IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy Treatments. NAD+ is a common enzyme cofactor that is required to power many of the body’s cellular processes. Over time, cells start to lose their energy, making it harder for them to complete the reactions that keep your tissues and organs healthy. This may be due to a drop in NAD+ levels throughout the body.


The goal of NAD+ IV Therapy Treatments is to reverse this decrease. With a flood of NAD+ delivered directly to the body’s bloodstream, your cells will have the resources they need to help you feel more energized in addition to addressing some common and sometimes serious, health issues.


Common treatments of NAD+ IV vitamin infusion therapy

NAD+ IV Alcohol Detox & Addiction Recovery

Addiction is a serious issue that impacts countless individuals and families across the country. Research has shown that NAD+ can be effective in helping people overcome the bonds of addiction, allowing them to achieve long-term, lasting sobriety with the help of a well-rounded treatment plan.


NAD+ IV Anxiety

Anxiety is a common issue that can adversely impact your quality of life. Some of the most common symptoms of anxiety include shortness of breath, heart palpitations, and fear. NAD+ can stabilize moods, helping people overcome anxiety.


NAD+ IV Anti-Aging

NAD+ can be used to reverse some of the signs of aging. This includes treating chronic fatigue, dermatology issues, DNA repair problems, and other issues that commonly develop as you age.


NAD+ IV Benzodiazepine Detox & Addiction Recovery

Similar to other types of addiction, NAD+ can be used to treat benzodiazepine addiction. When someone detoxes from benzodiazepines, this can be a life-threatening process that might lead to seizures. NAD+ can be a part of a well-rounded treatment plan.


NAD+ IV Dementia

Dementia can take many forms and one of the most common is Alzheimer’s. NAD+ protects your body’s neurons and can help treat and prevent the development of dementia.


NAD+ IV Depression

Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders. It can be accompanied by sleep issues, appetite changes, and even suicidal thoughts. Along with therapy, NAD+ can help people recover.


NAD+ IV Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease is a serious disease that is passed from ticks to people. It can even lead to heart problems. Along with antibiotics, NAD+ can provide your body’s cells with the resources they need to recover from this serious disease.


NAD+ IV Neurological Disorders

Neurological disorders come in many shapes and forms. NAD+ stabilizes the body’s nerves by protecting their myelin sheath, providing your nerves with the insulation they need to efficiently transmit signals throughout the body.


NAD+ IV Mood Disorders

Mood disorders include depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and more. Mood disorders are incredibly common and it is important to take care of not only your emotional health but your physical health as well. NAD+ can help you protect your body’s cells as you undergo therapy for a mood disorder.


NAD+ Opiate and Opioid Detox and Recovery 

Opioids are a common treatment option for common pain; however, they are also incredibly addictive. If you are trying to recover from opioids, NAD+ infusions can help you do this. NAD+ has been shown to help people recovery from an addiction to opioids.


NAD+ IV Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease is an extremely debilitating neurodegenerative disease that can lead to muscle rigidity, tremors, and mood disorders. This disorder stems from issues with the body’s dopamine levels. NAD+ can modulate the body’s nerves and cells, helping them process signals more efficiently, helping people with Parkinson’s Disease recover.



PTSD develops following a traumatic event such as a natural disaster, combat, an assault, or even a serious accident. It can make it hard for someone to go about their daily routine. NAD+ can stabilize the body’s nerves and neurotransmitters, helping people recover as a part of a well-rounded treatment plan.

NAD+ 250mg

We recommend this therapy for antiaging and overall health and wellness, for those patients who are currently healthy and want to optimize their health or aging process.


NAD+ 500mg

We recommend this therapy for boosters, health, and wellness patients who may have a chronic disease such as Lyme, mold, or history of autoimmune, have a history of treatment, feeling mildly ill but not completely in a health crisis or nonfunctional. In addition, this is ideal for athletes wanting to boost their athletic performance, and have better results.

NAD+ Benefits

  • Slow cognitive delay
  • Fight chronic fatigue
  • Increase energy
  • Boost metabolism
  • Regenerate cells
  • Slow the signs of aging
  • Reduce internal inflammation