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Boosting Immunity Naturally

boosting immunity naturally with IV Therapy

Boosting Immunity Naturally: The Role of IV Therapy in Allen, TX As a healthcare provider and advocate for holistic wellness, I understand the importance of maintaining a strong immune system, especially in today’s world. In this comprehensive guide, I will explore the role of IV therapy in immune support in Allen, TX and how it […]

Myers Cocktail Uses + Benefits

Infusalounge Wellness Spa Myerrs Original Blend IV (2)

Myers’ Cocktail is an infusion formula of multiple vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium and magnesium that was pioneered in the 1960s by the late Dr. John Myers, MD. This formula is versatile due to the special blend of nutrients, making our Myers Original Blend effective for a wide range of clinical […]

Are you Vitamin B6 Deficient?

Infusalounge Wellness Spa Energy Blend IV

Here are 9 signs and symptoms of vitamin B6 deficiency. Vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine, is one of eight vitamins in the B complex group. Even though it was discovered in 1932, scientists are still learning new things about it. Most people get enough B6 in their diet, but if you are deficient in […]

Allergies in Bloom?

InfusaLounge Wellness Spa Allergies

Fight Allergies by Staying Hydrated There is no cure for seasonal allergies. But, there are a number of things you can do to help yourself. First and foremost, stay hydrated. Our Allergy Blend IV drip in fact is packed full of anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine vitamins, minerals and compounds. Consequently, these are added directly into your […]